Stop The Destruction Of Over 700 Mature Trees

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is destroying over 700 mature trees in and around ANZAC Park and Ernest Street Cammeray as part of the “early works” for the Warringah Freeway Upgrade project.

This is happening in the Premier's State electorate.

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“We should be asking ourselves the questions: do we really need to be building four and five-lane motorways today....” - Andrew Constance, July 2017.

On 2 August 2021 TfNSW started (literally) marking mature trees to be removed including:

• Angophora costata (Sydney Red Gum) • Ficus macrocarpa • Eucalyptus saligna (Sydney Blue Gum)

It is proposed to “replace” each tree removed with two (2) trees – a rate that will result in a devastating net loss of trees as most councils work on a replacement rate of 10 trees to produce 1 mature tree. Not to mention, that saplings in exchange for mature canopy trees is inadequate at best.

We all watched as the State Government removed more significant mature trees than were required for the light rail project along Anzac Parade.

The Greening our City Premier’s Priority aims to increase the tree canopy and green cover across Greater Sydney by planting one million trees by 2022. This is part of a broader commitment to plant five million trees by 2030." - Premier Gladys Berejiklian, declaring “Greening our City” as a “Premier’s Priority”

We fear that the same will happen here as we know that these “early works” are just the beginning… there will be more trees targeted for removal as part of the “construction works” and even more for the proposed Beaches Link and Western Harbour Tunnel works.

The State Government’s “NSW Climate Change Policy Framework” commits NSW to “aspirational objectives” of net zero emissions by 2050 and “helping NSW to become more resilient to a changing climate”.

Meanwhile...… TfNSW imposes road projects that will exacerbate air quality and contribute to increasing carbon emissions whilst denuding transport corridors of mature tree canopy that captures carbon and reduces the “heat island effect”.

"New trees today mean more healthy shaded public spaces and beautiful tree-lined streets for communities to enjoy now and for years to come." - Rob Stokes, Minister for Planning and Public Spaces.

We call on the Premier, Rob Stokes MP - Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Matt Kean MP - Minister for Energy and Environment and the Andrew Constance - Minister for Transport and Roads to make good on the “Premier’s Priority” and the State’s commitment to net zero emissions by 2050 and take immediate action to stop the destruction of these trees by: • Immediately impose a moratorium on removal of these significant trees; • Halting and reviewing these road projects; and • Finding a better way to deliver sustainable transport consistent with the Government’s commitment to sustainability, Greening our City and net zero emissions by 2050. Councillors Zoë Baker, MaryAnn Beregi and Tony Carr Independent Councillors North Sydney Council

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