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The Real Independents


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Genia McCaffery


The Council has lost its way - we need a council focussed on our community. Rates have gone up, services have gone down and the Council has failed to stand up to the State Government and big developers.


During this term of Council Zoe Baker and MaryAnn Beregi have, time and time again, stood up for the community on issues from overdevelopment, impacts of the WHT/NBL projects to demanding open and transparent government built around community participation.


At this election, to take our council back into truly independent community hands, we need to support Zoe Baker, MaryAnn Beregi and The Real Independents.


- Genia McCaffery

North Sydney Independent Mayor 1995 - 2012

Joseph O'Donoghe

I first had the pleasure of meeting Zoe [Baker] & MaryAnn [Beregi] through my work with Keep Sydney Open. Now, more than ever – North Sydney Council needs strong, independent, community-minded voices who really listen to what constituents are saying and puts the community first.
Zoe and MaryAnn's commitment to open and transparent government, the protection of public open spaces, to genuine community engagement and to solid governance – are values that Australian local communities are calling for, more and more.
Time and time again, Zoe and MaryAnn have proven they are prepared to stand up and fight for the best of interests of North Sydney – refusing to pander to the State Government and other vested interests. This ongoing strength, duty-of-care mentality and refusal to back down, has personally been nothing less than inspiring to me. I assure you, such dedication is a rare gift to any community.

In my seven years running Keep Sydney Open, I have met countless people in the Australian political field. Zoe and MaryAnn are easily two of the most impressive I have met in those travels. They are experienced, authentic, smart and true to their word. They're incredible operators and North Sydney is so lucky to have them. So, I am stoked to endorse and support them and their Real Independents team for the North Sydney Council election.



- Joseph O'Donoghue
Co-founder of Keep Sydney Open Party





Larissa Penn

I have come to know the independent Councillors Zoe Baker, MaryAnn Beregi and Tony Carr, in the context of my work on a local school P&C and the tunnels.

I am also pleased to see one of our local Mums, Nicole Antonini, running with the Real Independents team.

All have tirelessly advocated for our community, made evidence based & transparent decisions and have strongly opposed the current toll road plans in light of the negative impacts to our area and the poor business case.

They have a vision for North Sydney and have advocated for our open spaces, our children’s future, our local businesses and our liveability. I have confidence that they will achieve a better future for our community if elected.



- Larissa Penn

Community Advocate and Committee Representative

Stephen Badger

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