A New Horizon

A few words from Zoë Baker as we move into a new era for the people of North Sydney.

You may have heard that last night I was elected Mayor of North Sydney- it is truly a singular honour to represent the incredible North Sydney community.

It is the result of the collective efforts and support of so many people who have worked so hard with unwavering commitment and enthusiasm to bring our Council back to our community.

For the last four years, MaryAnn Beregi, Tony Carr and I were a persistent and vocal minority voice on Council. If it were not for the intelligence, strength, perseverance and good humour MaryAnn and Tony have always brought to their roles, it would have been a lonely and difficult endeavour.

I am really touched by, and aware of, the faith and trust that has been placed in me by those councillors who supported me last night - Councillor MaryAnn Beregi (The Real Independents), Councillor Godfrey Santer and Councillor Shannon Welch (Australia Labor Party) and, now Deputy Mayor, Councillor William Bourke and Councillor Georgia Lamb (Sustainable Australia Party).

Finally, without the incredible energy, creativity, intelligence and enthusiasm of The Real Independents candidates - Nicole Antonini, Estelle Blair, MaryAnn Beregi, Tony Carr, Diana Davidson, Ian Gray, Chris Holding, John Lucas and Katie Richmond - together with our incredible volunteers and supporters I would not be in this position today.

Over the past four years, it became very clear that the people of North Sydney wanted something different. On December the 4th, 2021, the people of North Sydney overwhelmingly voted for change. Our new, and progressive, Council is committed to, and guided by, the exceptional people of North Sydney that we serve.

North Sydney- I thank you, I am inspired by you, and I am so excited to share this journey with you.

Big things are coming.



The Real Independents


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