The Real Independents

Estelle Blair

I have lived in Kirribilli for twenty-nine years but my family been local for over sixty-five! I was brought into the world at the Mater, attended the preschool on the grounds of St John’s (a preschool started by my grandma), attended primary and high school, and university in the area. As a baby, my lullabies were the Bear’s supporters roars North Sydney Oval, I learnt to ride my bike on the bridge, swim in North Sydney Pool, and boogie board in the storm water drains next to Milson’s Park after a downpour. I am usually found at the park in the afternoon with my dog, Albus, where I have made almost as many friends as he has!


I hold a Bachelor of Education from the Australian Catholic University, and a Master of Indigenous Education from Macquarie University. I have been lucky enough to teach abroad, leading a team of university students over to a rural area in northern Thailand. I was inspired to further my studies in Indigenous education because I wanted to be equip with the tools to foster authentic progression and reconciliation, in all walks of life. Education is a catalyst for change, and it paves the road for endless opportunity.


I was inspired to run for North Sydney Council because I believe that local decisions should be made by local’s, and that the big parties have no place in local government. I believe that Councillor’s should come to the table with the community at heart, and actively act as passionate advocates for residents. Collaboration between all the voices in our community, from residents to precincts, and Council, allows for the best possible version of North Sydney to be put forward.


I am also running because I think we need to stop looking at the ‘right now’, and start looking towards the future. Investing in sustainable transport and infrastructure, such as car share programs and cycleways, as well as waste management programs, such as food wastage programs, is vital. Promoting and committing to sustainable fiscal management will enable effective allocation of resources to areas of importance to the community. Sustainable policies, management and projects, when done right, are imperative to not only the longevity of our community- but humanity as a whole.


The Real Independents team is truly independent. It is clear that we need a Council that is able to make decisions in the best interests of North Sydney and not influenced by big political parties, large donors or developers, or what the State Government wants. We need a Council that is brave and will stand up for North Sydney and can work co-operatively with all stakeholders.


When time allows, I enjoy playing chess in the park, camping down the south coast, and taking my dog stand up paddle boarding… but in our case it’s more like ‘fall down’ paddle boarding.