The Real Independents

MaryAnn Beregi

I’m a mathematician but even I can’t make the Council’s numbers add up!

I was elected to North Sydney Council in 2012 and have become increasingly alarmed at the Council’s financial mis-management and lack of transparency. The decision to spend over $64 million (and counting) on the redevelopment of North Sydney Pool and plunge the Council into over $30million of debt is excessive and reckless.
Council needs to respect the ratepayer and be more prudent with your money. It’s not a bottomless pit where if you overspend, you just put your hand out for more.
During my time on North Sydney Council I was part of the fight against the forced amalgamation of North Sydney Council – a fight we won.
I argued against the Special Rate Rise which has seen our rates increase over 20% in this term of Council. Council needs to get its own house in order before coming to the ratepayer for more money.
I have been outspoken on the lack of transparency in decision making during this term of Council, particularly in relation to the redevelopment of North Sydney Pool -  the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by the Council. It is an appalling state of affairs when some councillors have more information than other councillors when we all have to vote on the same issue.
I am truly independent. I am not a member of a political party and have no allegiances to any lobbying or special interest group. I make my decisions in the best interests of the community based on the facts and evidence, and taking all feedback into account.
My husband and I have three school-aged children. We share our home with Louie our dog, Milo our cat, and Snowy and Hazelnut our guinea pigs. We love all animals - at one stage I wanted to be a vet.
When not at my children’s sporting and other commitments, we like to spend our weekends walking, fishing, cycling and swimming.
My background includes a Master of Science from Oxford University and Bachelor of Arts (pure mathematics and mathematical statistics) from Sydney University. I am also a qualified secondary school mathematics teacher and have taught in schools and colleges in Sydney and London.
My professional career includes roles in the banking & financial services industry and in the professional education sector. I managed the Chartered Accountants (CA) program at the Institute of Chartered Accountants and was the National Manager for the Masters of Applied Finance at the Securities Institute (the program is now managed by Kaplan Professional).
In 2014, not long after being elected to North Sydney Council, I completed the Executive Certificate for Elected Members from the UTS Centre for Local Government.
I hold a WWC (Working With Children check) and enjoy undertaking various volunteer roles in the community and at my children’s schools.
I am committed to being part of a Council which is truly open and transparent, which provides high quality services to its residents and ratepayers, that acts with integrity, and welcomes the input of the community it serves.


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